6 Feb 2012

Power cut? No fears!

  • Power cut? No fears!

Power cut? No fears!
How many of you are feeling aggravated because of the series of power cuts that have been plaguing our city? With close to six hours of cuts everyday, it has been tough for people from every walk of life to cope with day-to-day activities.
The lack of a proper power source has left many in the city struggling, especially industries. And what many of us don’t realise is that things are only going to get worse.
It is high time that we started looking at other sources of energy, which is exactly what Mr Udayakumar N. has done. When building his home way back in ‘88, he made sure that his house was completely powered by solar energy.
Ms Radha Udayakumar explained to us why her home was so special. “My husband built this house in 1988. Right from the beginning, he wanted to ensure that the house was completely solar powered and that is the most amazing aspect of my home.
He also ensured that each room in the house was spacious and had enough light.” She added, “From the refrigerator to the television, everything in my home runs entirely on solar energy. He has made sure that even the reverse osmosis plant in our home works on solar power — the water from the RO plant is used in the toilets and for the small garden that we have here.”
She continues, “We did have an EB connection, but my husband had the entire house wired to use only solar energy and made sure that we were totally independent of the EB.
He even imported CFL lamps way back in 88. My husband and my son have always wanted to make it easy for me and my daughter-in-law - ensuring that we have the latest electronic gadgets at home, like a dishwasher and clothes dryer — and all of them run on solar energy”
And, the power has never failed. Radha says, “It has been running perfectly well —the panels have lasted for over twenty years and never given us a single problem. Honestly, we don’t know what it is to experience a power cut, it’s a long-forgotten issue in our home. When I listen to friends and relatives complaining about power cuts, I thank my husband for giving us this luxury.”
Her home boasts of two spacious living rooms — one for guests, and the other one for the family. She elaborates, “The family living room has its own home theatre, a small library.
” The library has several technical books, but most impressive were the artifacts that they have collected over the years. “The artifacts that you see around my home hold memories special to my husband and my son. When they travel abroad on work, they always bring home a memento — either because their trip was successful or to appease us because they haven’t brought back anything for us.” Radha recollects, “In Russia, he found this beautiful tea maker — it looks like a vase. In Brazil, he found this wooden log, a rainmaker. The feng shui figurines are from his trip to china. There so many artifacts here and each one has it own story.”

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