14 Apr 2012

Save the green

Aparna Menon

Get down to greening: Students on a tree planting drive Photo: Mohammed Yousuf
Get down to greening: Students on a tree planting drive Photo: Mohammed Yousuf
Create a cool spot by planting trees.
It's going to be a tough summer thanks to the trees that have been axed, boulevards cleared of canopies and replacement of green cover with concrete jungles. But undeterred by all this, young green thumbs of the city are making it a point to make the city clean and green.
At Abhaya School, Kompally, every Monday during the gardening class the children clear the dried leaves and junk around the base of the trees and even climb and pluck out dried leaves. They participate in the tree planting drives as well.
Great change
Raghav, a Std. IX student, was a part of the tree planting drive held at his school three years ago and can see the difference. “The greenery around has changed the environment around the school. The flowers and fruits attract butterflies and many small birds which are a pleasure to see. We have noticed the difference in the pollution level of the air between our school and our homes. These trees that we nurtured have made a difference.”
In the heart of the city, where construction work is at its peak with skyrises everywhere, students of Learnium School make it a point to celebrate World Wetland Day, Vanamahotsavam and other festivals to create awareness about the importance of various ecosystems. Apart from planting saplings, they also come up with songs that bring out awareness on environment that they present on these occasions.
Lotus Lap Public School had 5,000 children attending the “green drive.” This event was conducted to sensitise children, their parents and the residents around about the need to plant more trees. Most of the children carried saplings during the walk. Rasee Reddy, a Std. IX student who participated in the drive suggests, that the most important step that they can do is to restore some balance in nature by planting more trees.

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