4 Mar 2012

In rare occurrence, Venus & Jupiter coming very close on February 25

Special Correspondent
In a rather not-so-common astronomical occurrence, Venus and Jupiter will come very close to each other in the western part of the sky and be joined by a crescent moon, the three celestial bodies forming a kind of triangle on February 25.
According to B.G. Sidharth, Director-General of the B.M. Birla Science Centre, the two planets, already visible to the naked eye, will keep coming closer after February 25.
Brightest Mars
This phenomenon will be followed by Mars rising from the east on March 3.
In fact, the red planet will be at opposition when the Sun sets in the west. Around this time, it will be the closest to the earth in a period of 12 months, and also brightest.
Mr. Sidharth said planet Saturn would also be visible.

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