28 Sep 2012

Workout tips

Learn the right way to lift weights. Photo: C. Lakshmi Kumar.

Before starting the workout, warm up and do stretching exercises for at least 20 minutes. After finishing workout, again do stretching exercises for 10 minutes. This helps improve circulation and makes the muscles stronger.
If you are overweight, do cardio exercises for at least 20 minutes after your workout.
Don’t train on an empty stomach in the morning. Eat something or have a protein shake (minimum 30 gm serving).
Do weight training for at least five days a week; maximum 45 minutes each session. Don’t over train (more than one hour at a time).
During weight training, most people lift more weight than is ideal and damage their joints and spine. The correct method is to use strict wraps and to lift small weights.
Another mistake is to take help to lift weights. If your workout is properly planned you will not need help to lift weights.
Women tend to focus only on cardio and do very little weight training. For an effective body transformation, weight training is extremely important. It will make you look leaner and your muscles will be stronger. If you do cardio for 30 minutes, add 30-40 minutes of weight training.

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